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CPAN Journal of Ceramics Nos. 4 & 5, 2013

ISSN 0189-8833

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Available Articles

SN Title Author(s)
1 Adaptation of Imported Design of Atmospheric Gas Burners for Kilns and Furnaces in Nigeria Clement Etim Ekong View
2 Chris Echeta in Conversation: Ceramics in the Nigerian National Gallery of Art Collection Ozioma Onuzulike View
3 Danlami Aliyu: In Memoriam Michael OBrien View
4 Portfolio | Benjo Igwilo: Selected Works Ozioma Onuzulike View
5 Ceramic 'Painting': A Studio Inquiry Ikeneri Joseph Ohajianya View
6 Chris Afuba's Ceramic 'Head' Sculptures Ozioma Onuzulike and Eva Obodo View
7 Earth for Art: Creative and Economic Prospects of Sculpture And Pottery in Nigeria Eva Obodo View
8 Formulation of Porcelain Bodies with Raw Materials from Kebbi State, Nigeria Tukur Dikko Muhammad Zauro View
9 Ezekiel Oluwasina and John Agberia in the History of Contemporary Nigerian Ceramic Art Michael Olusegun Fajuyigbe View
10 Kiln Firing Without Furniture: Exploring the 'Zero-Batt' Option in Studio Production Chris Echeta View
11 The Geochemistry of Akpanya Ironstone Deposit as A Secondary Raw Material in Ceramics Industry Amobi J. O. View
12 The Occurrence and Distribution of Primary and Secondary Raw Materials of Ceramics Industry in Nigeria J. O. Amobi, A. W. Mode and I. A. Oha View
13 The Viability of Local Silicate Materials For Pyrometric Cone Formulation Abubakar, E. and Gausa, S. View
14 Utilization of Rice Husk Ash in Firebricks Production Ali Vincent Egwu View
15 Book Review | Wood Kiln Construction and Accessories: lbude Ikechukwu, Otimeyin Pius and Osariyekemwen Daniel Benin City:
Ogakin System Ventures, 2012. 128 pages, Black-and-white illustrations, No index, No price given, ISBN: 978-37157-6-3
Reviewed by May Ngozi Okafor View