Go Back The Viability of Local Silicate Materials For Pyrometric Cone Formulation

The accurate and efficient measurement of the heat work within the kiln chamber is crucial to a successful firing and pyrometric cones provide the basis for the determination of such heat work. This paper reports on an experimental research carried out to determine the viability of locally sourced materials (silicate) in the formulation of cones that 0can measur e temperatures within the range of 1230 C to 01280 C. The standard Segar formula for glaze was adapted for the formulation of the cones, while varying the proportion of kaolin and quartz and keeping feldspar and marble constant. The results showed both the standard Segar Cone 9 and the formulated Cone 9 bending almost at the same time. This provides convincing evidence that locally sourced silicate materials are viable for the development of pyrometric cones

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