Go Back Adaptation of Imported Design of Atmospheric Gas Burners for Kilns and Furnaces in Nigeria

Commercial burner makers seem to be lacking in Nigeria. This results in the non-availability of gas kiln burners in Nigerian markets. Thus, the few owned by privileged studio ceramists, industrialists and institutions of learning are imported at exorbitant prices. This prompts ceramists to fabricate burners for their kilns. These self-made gas burners sometimes do not satisfy the heat needs of Nigerian ceramists, and are not meant for sale in open markets. This research, therefore, was conceived for the purpose of producing gas burners that can satisfy the firing needs of ceramicists in Nigeria. The objectives were to adapt an imported design of an atmospheric gas burner and to fabricate a prototype of the burner capable of firing up to stoneware temperature. Test firing of wares with the fabricated gas burners exhibited the benefits of synergy in multiple nozzles in burners. The flame did not go off during preheating and all firings went smoothly to stoneware temperatures. Even temperature was achieved in the kiln chamber. Glazes fired optimally at relatively short time.

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