Go Back Formulation of Porcelain Bodies with Raw Materials from Kebbi State, Nigeria

Studies carried out in Kebbi State indicate that the area is endowed with raw materials for porcelain production. However, it is yet to be proved how effective these materials are for this purpose. On account of this, ceramic raw materials were obtained from Kebbi State, Nigeria for the purpose of producing porcelain. Porcelain is a kind of ceramic product highly regarded because of its beauty and strength, whiteness and translucent characteristics. It is used for making expensive tableware such as plates, jugs, cups and related items as well as technical wares such as electrical insulators and several other ceramic articles. The production of porcelain may promote and advance industrial and technological development of Nigeria. Raw materials procured are kaolin, feldspar and quartz. The main objective of this study is to determine their usefulness for the formulation of porcelain body. The raw materials were processed according to the scheme for the preparation of raw materials. Tests and experiments were carried out and slip casting technique was used as the shaping method. The results obtained have proved that ceramic raw materials in Kebbi State are useful for the production of porcelain bodies.

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