Go Back Ezekiel Oluwasina and John Agberia in the History of Contemporary Nigerian Ceramic Art

This paper discusses the artistic development and achievements of two contemporary Nigerian ceramic artists and teachers, Ezekiel Oluwasina and John Agberia. Interviews and participant observation were employed in data collection, while analysis of works followed the descriptive method of art historical inquiry. Thirteen works were purposively selected for this study which showed that much studio work has not been accomplished by the ceramic art teachers, both of who laboured (and still labour) in teaching, writing and school administration for the interest of their students. However, analysis of their available works shows that they have created pieces that are carriers of meanings and reflectors of ideas that are germane to human development. Besides, since available literature on ceramic art in Nigeria focuses mainly on pottery heritage across cultures, pottery centres, workshop experiments and a few studio potters, this paper brings to light the role of two important academic ceramic artists whose works have drawn from their own indigenous cultures. The paper suggests that Nigerian teachers of ceramic art should strive to maintain a balance between academic scholarship and studio production.

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