Go Back The Effect of Shear Nut Shell Ash as Reinforcement in Ceramic Composites

Prior to the discovery of the superior qualities of ceramic composites, high temperature ceramic materials were produced from refractory materials which were able to withstand high temperatures but not as high as silicon carbide and nitrates. The study reports on the experimental procedure for determining and analyzing the micro-structural behavior of refractory kiln furniture by varying the composition of Shear Nut Shell Ash (SNSA) in Hayan Gada Clay from 0-45% and fired at 1600°C. An optimum value of the SNSA composition was reached at 25%, this provided the needed tensile strength, bulk density, porosity, heat resistance, ultimate particle size and distribution of elements in the compounded matrix. The result clearly indicates that, compounded refractory kiln furniture was stable at an optimum value of 25% SNSA. This is an indication that, SNSA can successfully be used as reinforcement in ceramic composite.

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